RSPB July 2019

47 0345 034 7733 The ‘’extra’’ is Premium sunflower hearts SAVE £3 when you buy two sacks Best seller RSPB Seed scoop Simple, but ingenious device for spill-free feeder-filling. Scoop seeds and flip open the trapdoor to send them out through the funnel- style handle. 29cm tall. R1097 £4.25 “ The last two days when the feeder was a bit low and waiting for me to refill I had sparrows shoving each other aside to get to the feeding holes. The small birds have been eating it like there’s no tomorrow. ” Margaret - website reviewer HHHHH SAVE £3 when you buy two sacks Feeder mix A great value blend that we’ve designed for putting into seed feeders all year round. It’s a nutritious mix of oil-rich black and striped sunflower seeds, husk-free oats and canary seed that will attract many garden birds such as blue tits, great tits and greenfinches. R405628 1.5kg £4.99 R0856 5.5kg £13.99 R0015 12.75kg sack £22.50 R0016 Buy two 12.75kg sacks £42.00 - SAVE £3 Feeder mixes Designed to be used all year round, our Feeder mixes are ideal for perching species such as tits and finches. We recommend using our Classic seed feeder (see page 61) or our Ultimate easy-clean ® seed feeder (see page 59). RSPB Bird food Feeder mix extra Here’s another great blend we’ve designed for putting into seed feeders all year round – to nourish lots of different garden birds. The “extra” is the protein and energy boost added by way of generous quantities of sunflower hearts mixed in with the sunflower seeds (black and striped), husk- free oats, red millet and canary seed. R401760 5.5kg £15.99 R401758 12.75kg sack £26.99 R401763 Buy two 12.75kg sacks £50.98 – SAVE £3