RSPB July 2019

48 Nyjer seed Goldfinches and siskins relish nyjer seed. Because nyjer seed is very fine, you will need a feeder with smaller openings than a regular seed feeder. See our range of Ultimate easy-clean nyjer feeders on page 60. Nyjer seed This tiny, oil-rich, energy-giving black seed is highly nutritious and is very tempting for goldfinches, greenfinches and siskins in your garden. We recommend using a speical nyjer feeder with a seed tray (page 60) to reduce waste as this seed flows so easily. R405632 900g £3.50 R405634 5.5kg £17.99 R0041 12.75kg sack £30.99 R0042 Buy two 12.75kg sacks £58.98 - SAVE £3 Goldfinch mini feeder This ready-to-use 24cm tall feeder comes pre-filled with nyjer seed. The perfect way to see if you can attract goldfinches to your garden before you invest in a full-size nyjer feeder. Contains 80g of seed. R402694 £3.99 “ I knew that the goldfinches loved our nyjer but nowwe have lots of siskins and a number of lesser redpolls too. An amazing magnet for finches ” Sandra - website reviewer HHHHH Great value RSPB Bird food SAVE £3 when you buy two sacks Long handle feeder cleaning brush Keep your longer feeders clean with this special synthetic bristle brush. 55cm long, head 5 cm diameter. R402041 £6.25 Long enough for our large feeders Delivery is free when you spend £50