RSPB July 2019

46 No grow ground mix Sprinkle this on the ground or bird table all year round and watch robins, blackbirds, song thrushes and many other ground-feeding species tuck into a high-energy mix of sunflower hearts, rolled oats, suet sprinkles and flaked maize. With no shells for birds to crack open, or for you to sweep up, all the ingredients in this mix have been prepared in a way that make them less likely to germinate in your garden. R408711 900g £3.75 R408712 5.5kg £18.99 R408713 12.75kg £32.99 R409476 Buy two 12.75kg sacks £62.98 - SAVE £3 Premium peanuts Peanuts are a high-energy food loved by garden birds. We select the best and, with bird safety being our priority, reject any with detectable aflatoxin. Use a nut and nibble feeder with a guardian if you don’t want squirrels to join the feast (see page 58), or alternatively try a squirrel baffle (see page 63). R405613 1.8kg £8.75 R0857 5.5kg £22.50 R0033 12.75kg sack £36.99 R0034 Buy two 12.75kg sacks £69.98 - SAVE £4 See our Ultimate easy-clean nut and nibble feeders on page 58 SAVE £3 when you buy two sacks Premium peanuts Peanuts should always be fed from a wire mesh feeder. Then, only small pieces can be taken, avoiding the risk of young birds choking on big pieces. We recommend using our Classic or Ultimate easy-clean nut and nibble feeders on pages 61 and 58. SAVE £4 when you buy two sacks Delivery is free when you spend £50