RSPB April 2022

7 Shop online at or call 0345 034 7733 Nibbles and sprinkles Berry nibbles ✔ Delicious blend of elderberries, top quality Super suet and cereal. ✔ Feed all year round. ✔ A great alternative to peanuts. R420068 550g £3.49 R420069 3kg refill bag £12.75 R420070 3kg reusable tub £13.75 R420072 12.75kg box £39.99 R420073 2 x 12.75kg box £75.98 - SAVE £4 UK MADE Made with real elderberries High energy sprinkles ✔ Tempt lots of species with this blend of Super suet, raisins, nyjer seed and sunflower hearts. ✔ Feed from a nut and nibble feeder, or sprinkle on a bird table or the ground. ✘ Not suitable for gardens with dogs. Peck ‘n’ Mix special blend ✔ Delectable mix of dried mealworms, raisins and Buggy nibbles. ✔ Packed full of energy and goodness. ✔ Loved by all garden birds. ✘ Not suitable for gardens with dogs. R401990 350g bag £3.49 R401992 2.5kg bag £14.25 R420078 2 x 2.5kg bags £25.50 - SAVE £3 R0754 550g bag £3.49 R420111 1.5kg refill bag £8.50 R401715 3kg refill bag £12.75 R0756 3kg reusable tub £13.75 R403130 12.75kg box £39.99 R407195 2 x 12.75kg £75.98 - SAVE £4 Nut and nibble feeders av ailable on pages 8 and 9 UK MADE UK MADE