RSPB April 2022

We use only the finest quality ingredients 8 KEEPING YOUR BIRDS HEALTHY Feeding the birds in your garden can be such a rewarding experience, both for them and for you. But it is really important that we clean feeders weekly to protect our garden birds from infectious diseases. Dirty feeders can harbour diseases which have been linked to population declines in some garden bird species, so keeping your feeders clean will make a big difference. We recommend cleaning your bird feeders once a week with a suitable disinfectant, such as Ark-Klens (see page 32), or a mild (5%) bleach solution, using a brush or scraper to remove tough dirt. Always clean feeders outside while wearing waterproof gloves and wash hands thoroughly afterwards. Classic easy-clean nut and nibble feeders ✔ Suitable for feeding peanuts and suet nibbles. ✔ Easy to clean. ✔ Solid construction. ✔ Great value. ✘ Not suitable for gardens with squirrels. R421024 Small 500ml £8.99 R421097 With Buggy nibbles £12.48 - SAVE £2 R421025 Medium 1 litre £10.99 R421098 With Buggy nibbles £14.48 - SAVE £2 Medium feeder (H) 49cm Small feeder (H) 31.3cm SAVE £2 when you buy with 1kg Buggy nibbles “All the birds in the garden make a bee line for these, preferring them to the peanuts and seeds available! Sparrows, Blue & Great tits and starlings eat these from the feeder and any that fall to the ground are gobbled by the pigeons, Robins and Dunnocks” Suzanna - website reviewer HHHHH