RSPB July 2019

58 RSPB Ultimate easy-clean nut and nibble feeders Steel mesh feeders are the only safe method for offering whole peanuts to wild birds. Our high- quality Ultimate easy- clean feeders are made of stainless steel with powder-coated zinc alloy fittings. They are equally suitable for year-round feeding of peanuts or suet nibbles. They are very easy to clean. The bottom twists off to allow access to the whole feeder with a cleaning brush. R408652 Small feeder £16.99 R408653 Medium feeder £18.99 R408726 Small feeder and guardian £34.98 - SAVE £2 R408727 Medium feeder and guardian £39.98 - SAVE £4 R421089 Small feeder with 1kg Buggy nibbles £20.48 - SAVE £2 R421090 Medium feeder with 1kg Buggy nibbles £22.48 - SAVE £2 Medium feeder (H) 48cm Capacity = 1litre Medium guardian (H) 42cm RSPB Ultimate guardians Adding a guardian to your feeder can help safeguard the contents from adult squirrels. Strong, durable, and expertly-constructed from powder-coated steel, with no potential foot traps. Designed to fit our Ultimate easy-clean nut and nibble, seed and nyjer feeders, as well as our Classic easy-clean nut and nibble and seed feeders in the small and medium sizes. Each guardian cage is supplied with a seed tray which acts as the base. R408654 Small £19.99 R408655 Medium £24.99 RSPB Ultimat e feeders Smal l guardian (H ) 26cm Small feeder (H) 30.3cm Capacity = 500ml Delivery is free when you spend £50