RSPB July 2019

57 RSPB Super suet cakes These square suet cakes are brilliant! The non-melting cakes are great for feeding birds all year (even in summer) and are easy to crumble without getting messy fingers. Keeping packaging to a minimum, each 320g block comes in a lightweight plastic sleeve. Available in Mealworm, Berry or Sunflower heart varieties. Suitable for our Dual suet feeder (page 56), our Ultimate suet feeder (page 56) our Mesh Ground feeder (page 74) or any bird table (from page 70-75). UK made. R407792 Buy one of each flavour for £5.75 R407793 Box of 10 Mealworm cakes £18.99 R407794 Box of 10 Berry cakes £18.99 R407795 Box of 10 Sunflower heart cakes £18.99 R407796 Bumper box of 40 Mealworm flavour cakes £44.99 “ Amazing quality.... So easy to handle. Does not melt in warm weather. Does not freeze in cold conditions. ” Babs - website reviewer HHHHH UK MADE No sticky fingers Save over £30 when you buy our Bumper box (compared to the equivalent four boxes of 10) Mealworm super suet cake in our Mesh ground feeder 0345 034 7733 RSPB Super suet