RSPB April 2022

9 Shop online at or call 0345 034 7733 Ultimate easy-clean nut and nibble feeders ✔ Durable metal top and base. ✔ Safest way to feed whole peanuts to birds. ✔ Use all year round for whole peanuts and suet nibbles. ✔ Suitable for gardens with squirrels. ✔ Easy to clean. SAVE £2 when you buy with 1kg Buggy nibbles R421224 Small 500ml £18.99 R421234 With Buggy nibbles £22.48 - SAVE £2 R421228 With guardian £37.98 - SAVE £2 R421225 Medium 1 litre £20.99 R421235 With Buggy nibbles £24.48 - SAVE £2 R421229 With guardian £42.98 - SAVE £4 HOW DOES ITWORK? Keeping your feeders clean is as important as keeping them topped up with food. Our Ultimate and Classic easy-clean feeders are just that – easy to clean. Simply twist the base to remove it. The lid can be unhooked and removed completely. Use warm, soapy water (diluted washing up liquid is ideal) in a bucket or bowl. Medium feeder (H) 48cm Small feeder (H) 30.3cm Long handle feeder cleaning brush Suitable even for our tallest feeders, this synthetic bristle brush is perfect for scrubbing away old food and dirt. R402041 £6.00 NOW ONLY £3 when you buy with any feeder