RSPB July 2022

75 Shop online at or call 0345 034 7733 RSPB Ethically-made Christmas jumper Designed and made in partnership with sustainable clothing brand Rapanui, our Christmas jumper is fab! Featuring a woodland scene design, it’s made in India from GOTS-certified organic cotton, using renewable energy. The printing and finishing is done on the Isle of Wight. For more information about GOTS certification please see our website. RSPB Bird &Wild coffee Naturally-grown under the rainforest canopy, which provides a haven to threatened birds, insects and other wildlife. ✔ Ground medium roast has dark chocolate tones and is ideal as an everyday brew. ✔ Ground espresso blend has a balanced cocoa and fruity tanginess. ✔ Instant medium roast has a clean flavour with notes of biscuit and chocolate. RSPB Extra virgin rapeseed oil Our rapeseed oil is grown, crushed and bottled at our wildlife-friendly farm in Cambridgeshire. It has a distinctive nutty taste and is great for frying, roasting, salad dressings or just plain dipping! The rapeseed is harvested and pressed, and the oil is bottled throughout July. It will be available from August. ✔ Recyclable glass bottle. ✔ 500ml. R410102 Ground espresso blend 200g £4.00 R410103 Ground medium roast 200g £4.00 R432093 Instant medium roast 100g £5.50 Winner of the Blue Patch Global Impact Award 2018 New Made from organic cotton RSPB exclusive R442830 Small 36” chest £35.00 R442831 Medium 38” chest £35.00 R442832 Large 40” chest £35.00 R442833 X Large 44” chest £35.00 R405164 £6.00 Coming in August UK MADE