RSPB April 2022

Puffin Jr binoculars Share the joy of wildlife watching with children, with our Puffin Jr binoculars. They will feel so grown up using these binoculars, because they are definitely not toys. Puffin Jrs have the exceptional build quality of adult binoculars, with a lightweight body especially designed for smaller hands and faces. ✔ Wide field of view so they are easy to hold still. ✔ Sharp image quality. ✔ Come with a case and wrist strap. ✔ Suitable for children aged 7-12. ✔ One year warranty. R422063 Blue 8 x 21 £25.00 R422064 Red 8 x 21 £25.00 67 Shop online at or call 0345 034 7733 Kids RSPB Sticker and activity books Colourful activity books for young wildlife explorers. ✔ Suitable for ages 3 and over. ✔ 24 page paperbacks. Wetland wildlife origami kit Using the ancient art of paper folding, create a heron, swan, kingfisher, otter, mallard and frog. The kit comes complete with push-out cardboard pieces to create a 3D wetland landscape for your creations to inhabit. ✔ No glue or scissors required. ✔ Full instructions included. ✔ Suitable for ages 7 and up. R429257 Baby animals £5.99 R423144 Seaside £5.99 R429026 Woodland animals £4.99 R423253 Rainforest £5.99 R429332 £12.00 New