RSPB April 2022

53 Shop online at or call 0345 034 7733 UK MADE Recycled litter picker Designed for taking out on a walk along the beach or through the park, this recycled litter picker is lightweight but very strong. ✔ Weighs 142g / about 5oz. ✔ Length is 82cm. ✔ Made in the UK from metal and recycled plastic fishing nets found around our coastline. RSPBWildflower and grass seeds Planting native wildflower seeds and sowing different types of grass in your garden, window box or in a pot, can help create a haven for pollinatin g insects. Our new range of seeds has been specially selected to provide colour and interest in your garden, and more importantly pollen for bees and other bugs. All our seeds can be sown between March and October. Typically cover between 3 and 8 sq m of ground - see our website for more information. R440175 £15.00 Made from recycled fishing nets Ideal for getting kids involved Litter picker Get kids involved with helping the wildlife in their local area. Ideally-sized for children, this litter picker is made from metal, with an easy- grip plastic handle and claw. Measures 77cm long. R429278 £7.00 R433141 Bees and butterflies £6.00 R433142 Best for bees £6.00 R433143 Cornfield colour burst £6.00 R433144 Wildflowers for pots £6.00 R433145 Garden bumblebird £6.00 R433146 Mini meadow for lawns £6.00 UK MADE N ew New Buy 2 for £10