RSPB April 2022

41 Shop online at or call 0345 034 7733 BIRD BATHS Water is very important to birds, both for drinking and for keeping clean. Birds are most vulnerable to predators when bathing, so position your bird bath at least two metres from cover. The water in bird baths should be changed daily and the baths cleaned weekly to protect your garden birds from infectious diseases. Clean with a suitable disinfectant or mild (5%) bleach solution, using a brush or scraper to remove tough dirt. Rinse well before refilling. Always clean bird baths outside while wearing waterproof gloves. Green Two colour options Bird bath ✔ Great value. ✔ Made from weatherproof resin. ✔ Choose from a green or bronze-effect finish. ✔ 71cm tall and 51.5cm diameter. R0098 Green £24.99 R403688 Bronze £24.99 Shenstone bird bath ✔ Decorated with lines from W H Davies’ poem Leisure . ✔ Made from a mix of 100% recycled plastic and bamboo fibres. ✔ Resistant to warping and cracking in heavy frost and icy conditions. ✔ 13.5cm tall and 42.5cm diameter. ✔ Pebbles not included. R421046 £32.99 “What is this life if, full of care, We have no time to stand and stare.” Best seller Bronze