RSPB April 2022

40 Delivery is free when you spend £50 DID YOU KNOWWE HAVE OVER 260 SPECIES OF BEE IN THE UK? Rather than living in colonies, the vast majority of our bees are solitary, with each female building her own nest. These non-aggressive, highly efficient pollinators are important to our ecosystems and economy, including the pollination of many of our wildflowers and fruit and vegetable crops. Having a variety of pollinator-friendly plants in your garden from March to September is a great way to help, while providing a safe, cosy nesting site will also make a big difference. Solitary bee home Specially designed for two common bee home dwellers; the leafcutter and red mason bees. This high quality bee home comes with removable nesting trays, metal fastenings for secure siting and an overhanging roof to protect bees from the rain. ✔ Made in the UK from FSC ® certified pine. ✔ Bespoke 8mm and 10mm nest holes for red mason and leafcutter bees. ✔ Optimal 15cm hole depth, ensuring plenty of eggs are laid and protected. ✔ Removable trays for inspection and cleaning. Dewdrop bee biome Perfect for solitary bees, the unusual dewdrop shape of this habitat makes an attractive feature in your garden. Buy with attractor seeds to plant. ✔ FSC ® certified wood. ✔ 21cm tall. RSPB Best for bees wildflower seed pack 5g This mix of native, annual wildflower species has been designed to attract and create pollen for bees. This 5g pack will cover roughly 5 sq m. UK MADE R421136 Solitary bee home £25.99 R421272 With seeds £30.99 - SAVE £1 R409290 Bee biome £18.99 R421273 With seeds £23.99 - SAVE £1 R433141 £6.00 Richard Bedford ( UK MADE