RSPB April 2022

For square cakes or balls For square cakes or balls SUET FEEDERS You can feed suet cakes and balls from bird tables and flat surfaces. But some birds, like blue tits and great tits, prefer to feed upright, clinging onto a feeder. A suet feeder is ideal for this feeding method. Choose from our great range of options, and take advantage of our offers when you buy a feeder with suet. Dual suet feeder Steel, chalet-shaped feeder. The roof offers some protection from wet weather. Fits up to three suet cakes or five suet balls. R402047 Feeder £8.50 R409446 With 3 cakes and 6 balls £13.75 - SAVE £3 RSPB Suet feeder and guardian Deter larger birds and squirrels. Fill with up to 10 suet balls or a suet log. Ultimate suet feeder Tough, stainless steel feeder with a zinc-alloy lid. Fits up to two square cakes or up to six suet balls. R408656 Feeder £13.99 R408730 With 3 cakes £17.74 - SAVE £2 Best seller Classic easy-clean suet feeder A great value feeder for three or four suet balls. Not suitable for gardens with squirrels. R421050 Feeder £6.99 R421055 With 12 balls £10.99 - SAVE £1 Great value R401791 Feeder and guardian £27.00 R404723 With two suet logs £30.98 - SAVE £3 Delivery is free when you spend £50 4