RSPB April 2022

37 Shop online at or call 0345 034 7733 R421203 £22.99 R401587 £31.99 RSPB RECOMMENDS Clean your bird table regularly and never allow old food to accumulate. Dirty tables can harbour bacteria left by sick birds and start an outbreak of disease. Our wooden tables come with removable trays to make this easier. Bird tab les Ground feeding table ✔ Separate different foods using the detachable, wooden dividers. ✔ Made in the UK from FSC ® certified timber. ✔ Measures 34cm square. ✔ Save £4 when you buy with a sanctuary (see below). R408696 Table £20.99 R408707 With 900g No grow mix and 1kg Buggy nibbles £27.23 - SAVE £3 R421226 With flat-topped sanctuary £39.98 - SAVE £4 Flat-topped ground feeding sanctuary ✔ Narrow mesh excludes larger birds and most adult squirrels. Gaps measure 4 x 6cm. ✔ Top opens easily for cleaning and refilling. ✔ 56cm square and 34cm tall. ✘ Table not included. Adjustable ground feeding sanctuary ✔ Adjustable mesh width so you can control which birds are allowed in. ✔ Opens easily for cleaning and refilling. ✔ 49 x 48cm and 53cm tall. ✘ Table not included. SAVE £4 when you buy w ith a sanctua ry GROUND TABLES Attract ground-feeding birds such as blackbirds and robins to your garden with an accessible table. For extra protection from predators, or to keep out squirrels and larger birds, you can add a sanctuary. UK MADE HALF PRICE table scraper when you buy any bird table - see page 32 for details