RSPB April 2022

Strong and sturdy base 35 Shop online at or call 0345 034 7733 RSPB Bird tables Large feeding area R421242 Table £135.00 R421243 With 10 x Super suet cakes £144.49 UK MADE RSPB Adjus-table ✔ Deter larger birds such as woodpigeons with this clever, sliding platform design. ✔ 39 x 39cm feeding area. ✔ 162cm tall. R407817 Table £120.00 R407822 With 10 x Super suet cakes £129.49 UK MADE “The pigeons and magpies were constantly eating everything before the smaller birds got a look in...... not anymore! This table has fixed that problem instantly (although it is funny to watch them trying to figure out how on earth they can access the food!). Looks great, and is so easy to fill up with food and keep clean, really worth the money.” N - website reviewer HHHHH Move the platform up and down to restrict or allow bigger birds Best seller RSPB Dutch barn bird table Inspired by the distinctive roof shape of Dutch barns, our bird table would make an attractive feature in any garden. With a feeding area considerably larger than our other tables (26% bigger than the Country barn bird table and Adjus-table and 72% bigger than our Open, Gallery and Gothic bird tables) and a taller stem at 151.5cm, this table will allow you to feed more birds at once, whilst also making it more difficult for cats to reach the feeding tray. ✔ Supplied with a Table stable to give extra support to the larger top. ✔ 189cm tall. HALF PRICE table scraper when you buy any bird table - see page 32 for details