RSPB April 2022

Ark-Klens disinfectant spray A safe, vet-approved, non-toxic cleanser, perfect for bird feeders, tables and baths.. Simply spray on, leave for a minute then wipe off. Choose from a ready-to-use 500ml spray bottle or a 250ml bottle of concentrate - each 10ml makes 5 litres of cleanser. R0657 500ml spray £5.99 R402042 250ml refill concentrate £7.99 BIRD TABLES Our bird tables are expertly designed and solidly constructed in the UK. Every detail has been tried and tested to ensure they are the best for the birds and for you. The sturdy central post is made from one solid piece of top quality FSC ® certified wood, and the strong supports at the base give the tables a low centre of gravity, making them less likely to tip over. ✔ Our tables are easy to clean, all with removable trays. They’re simple to assemble and full instructions are included. 32 Delivery is free when you spend £50 UK MADE RSPBTable stable ✔ Adds extra width to your table base to help with stability in high winds. ✔ Fits easily onto our Open, Gallery, Gothic, Country barn and Adjus-table. ✔ FSC ® certified wood. ✔ Measures 89 x 89cm. UK MADE R407813 £19.99 R409470 £13.99 - SAVE £4 SAVE £4 Bird table scraper Remove debris and maintain good table hygiene with this double-ended scraper. R407318 £6.00 HALF PRICE when you buy with any bird table Refill option available RSPB Cleaning kit Everything you need to keep your tables, feeders and baths clean. ✔ Long-handled feeder cleaning brush. ✔ Table scraper. ✔ 500ml bottle of Ark-klens cleanser. HELP YOUR BIRDS STAY HEALTHY AND HAPPY Birds can’t practise good hygiene so we have to help them out by cleaning bird tables once a week. Dirty bird tables can harbour diseases which have been linked to population declines in some garden bird species. All our tables are made with a recycled plastic food tray which is designed to slide out for easy cleaning. Remove debris each time you put out fresh food and give feeding areas a thorough clean once a week with a suitable disinfectant such as Ark-Klens, or a mild (5%) bleach solution, using a scraper to remove tough dirt. Always wear waterproof gloves and wash hands thoroughly afterwards.