RSPB April 2022

3 Shop online at or call 0345 034 7733 “Amazing quality.... So easy to handle. Does not melt in warm weather. Does not freeze in cold conditions.” Babs - website reviewer HHHHH No sticky fingers R420116 3 x Mealworm £5.75 R407793 10 x Mealworm £18.99 R407794 10 x Berry £18.99 R407795 10 x Sunflower heart £18.99 R407796 40 x Mealworm £44.99 Super suet cakes ✔ Non-melting, square cakes, ideal for feeding all year round. ✔ Easy to crumble without getting messy fingers. ✔ Available in Mealworm, Berry or Sunflower heart varieties. UK MADE Favourites suet cakes ✔ Exclusive recipe with a higher fat and protein content than our Super suet cakes. ✔ Fully recyclable paper and card packaging. R420102 Box of 6 £12.99 R420128 Box of 10 £19.99 R420129 Box of 10 x 2 £36.98 - SAVE £3 Paper and card packaging UK MADE RSPB Suet cakes