RSPB July 2022

3 Shop online at or call 0345 034 7733 Premium peanuts Peanuts are a high-energy food loved by garden birds. We select the best quality peanuts and, with bird safety being our priority, reject any with detectable aflatoxin. Kibbled peanuts Peanuts are packed with fat, protein and fibre, which makes them great for feeding the birds in your garden. Fledglings and young birds can choke on whole peanuts but the kibbling (chopping) means the pieces are smaller and much more manageable. We reject any peanuts with detectable aflatoxin, as this can be harmful to birds. ✔ Kibbled peanuts can be fed from a seed feeder, or sprinkled on a bird table. ✘ They are not suitable for our nut and nibble feeders. R405611 900g bag £4.75 R405613 1.8kg bag £8.75 R405615 4kg bag £18.25 R0857 5.5kg sack £23.50 R0033 12.75kg sack £39.00 R0034 2 x 12.75kg £74.00 - SAVE £4 R420145 5.5kg sack £20.50 R420146 12.75kg sack £36.00 R420147 2 x 12.75kg £69.00 - SAVE £3 RSPB Bird food DID YOU KNOW? Kibbled peanuts can be fed from a seed feeder, but whole peanuts must always be fed from a nut and nibble feeder. Then, only smaller pieces can be taken, avoiding the risk of young birds choking on whole nuts. See our nut and nibble feeders on pages 16 and 17 Use in your seed feeder. A great alternative to sunflower hearts New