RSPB April 2022

SWIFTS Swifts prefer to nest in buildings, especially the eaves of houses and churches in cracks and crevices. With redevelopment and house improvements many of these old spaces are disappearing. As a result we’ve lost 50% of swifts in recent years, and they are now on the Red list of Birds of Conservation Concern. 28 Delivery is free when you spend £50 House martin and swallow nests High-fired terracotta nest cups made to the precise dimensions of nests built by house martins and swallows. ✔ Cups are securely attached to timber backboards. ✔ Easily installed in a variety of locations. Hous e martin nest Swallow nest AFTER A LONG JOURNEY... Swifts, swallows and house martins visit these shores over the summer months, having travelled great distances. Welcome them with nest boxes designed especially to suit them. RSPB Swift nest box Swifts are notoriously picky when it comes to nesting sites but this box conforms to all their requirements. ✔ Fits neatly under the eaves of your roof. ✔ Sloping roof makes it hard for predators to gain purchase. ✔ Precise entry hole measurements of 28 x 65mm are designed to keep starlings out. ✔ Hand crafted by UK joiners, this swift nest box is made from FSC © certified pine. ✔ Measures 44cm wide, 21.7cm tall (at the back), 12cm tall (at the front) and 20.2cm deep at the deepest point. ✔ Internal nesting cup is built into the nest box. UK MADE R421069 £42.00 R408694 House martin nest £17.99 R408695 Swallow nest £16.99 Buy 2 save £2 Buy 2 save £2