RSPB April 2022

Brushwood tree nester ✔ Natural brushwood nester. ✔ Fix to a tree trunk or foliage using garden wire (included). ✔ Weather-resistant and sturdy. ✔ Suitable for wrens, treecreepers, goldcrests, marsh tits and willow tits. ✔ Measures 11.5 x 13 x 28cm. ✔ Save £3 when you buy two. R421150 Tree nester £10.99 R421151 Tree nester x 2 £18.98 - SAVE £3 27 Shop online at or call 0345 034 7733 Nest boxes A LITTLE HIDEAWAY If you prefer to offer a variety of roosting sites around your garden, or you have dense hedges or ivy, nesters and pockets can be invaluable in providing shelter for many birds. Nestle them deep in foliage and you might see birds diving in to take cover. Robin brushwood nester Robins love to nest in an open nest box, but in deep cover. Place in a hedge and secure with the wire fixing on the back. ✔ Measures 25 x 14 x 12.5cm. ✔ Save £3 when you buy two. R421077 Robin brushwood nester £10.99 R421086 Nester x 2 £18.98 – SAVE £3 Artisan roosting pockets Position these roosting pockets in ivy, bushes or hedges to give birds somewhere cosy to shelter. Tahera teardrop has a small opening, making it perfect for tits and finches, Shesali oval would be ideal for a roosting pair, and Anita sphere is perfect for many species. ✔ Handmade by Fairtrade artisans in Bangladesh. ✔ Natural sea grass and recycled sari material, making each one unique in colour. ✔ Anita sphere is 18cm tall, Shesali oval is 23cm tall and Tahera teardrop is 29cm tall. ✔ Save when you buy all three. Buy all three save £3 R421209 Tahera teardrop £12.99 R421208 Shesali oval £12.99 R421207 Anita sphere £12.99 R421210 Buy all three shapes £35.97 – SAVE £3 A B C A C B