RSPB April 2022

23 Shop online at or call 0345 034 7733 Feeding stations Premium feeder station special offer Save £10 with our special offer below. Special offer contains: ✔ Premium feeding station ✔ Small Classic easy-clean seed feeder ✔ Small Classic easy-clean nut and nibble feeder ✔ 1kg Buggy nibbles ✔ 900g Premium sunflower hearts ✔ 10 x Buggy coconut shell treats RSPB Premium feeding station Designed with strength, stability and bird safety in mind, our Premium feeding station looks good and is built to last. ✔ Eight feeding hooks, suitable for feeders or hanging cakes. ✔ Water bowl and metal feeding tray. ✔ Three metal sections which screw together securely. ✔ Central spike is supported by a four-pronged base (detachable) to add extra stability in high winds. ✔ Full instructions included. Normal price is £78.97 R421152 £69.97 - SAVE £10 A convenient way to enjoy the pleasures of bird feeding, even in a small garden. Save £10 with our special offer below Special offer SAVE £10 R421116 £38.00 Push base into the ground Patio base for feeder poles Ideal if you want a feeding station on your patio, or to make it easier to move around your garden. Use this base to position our Feeder pole, Feeding station or Premium feeding station on a hard surface. R402058 £25.99