RSPB April 2022

21 Shop online at or call 0345 034 7733 David Tipling ( Long handle feeder cleaning brush Suitable even for our tallest feeders, this synthetic bristle brush is perfect for scrubbing away old food and dirt. R402041 £6.00 NOW ONLY £3 when you buy with any feeder Squirrel Buster seed feeder ✔ Robust feeder, designed to thwart squirrels from guzzling your bird food. ✔ Weight-activated mechanism that closes the ports when squirrel lands. Birds are much lighter. ✔ Mesh construction suits birds that cling or perch to feed. ✔ Capacity 750ml. ✔ 4 feeding ports. ✔ 33.5cm tall. ✔ Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. R421246 £34.99 Ports close when a squirrel lands Love them or loathe them, squirrels are a feature of many gardens across the country.Their sharp claws and teeth can make a real mess of your bird feeders, particularly if you have plastic perches.They can also hoover up your bird food as quickly as you put it out, not allowing the birds a look in. Squirrels are great climbers and they are very determined. No bird feeder is completely squirrel- proof, but you can definitely make things more difficult for them. Squirrel buster feeders are a good option, or you could try a plastic or metal baffle which you attach to your feeder pole to deter them climbing up from the ground. See page 22 for our metal baffle cone. For more products from this range please go to SQUIRRELS