RSPB April 2022

Window feeder Here’s a wonderful way to watch birds up close. ✔ Non-yellowing polycarbonate box. ✔ Three strong suction cups. ✔ Tray detaches easily for filling and cleaning. ✔ Suitable for feeding all year round. Best seller Window feeder starter pack Perfect starter pack for anyone new to bird feeding, especially those without gardens or who love seeing birds up close. ✔ Window feeder ✔ 1kg Buggy nibbles ✔ 100g Dried mealworms ✔ 900g Premium sunflower hearts Delivery is free when you spend £50 20 Feeders R420074 £20.22 - SAVE £4 R0365 £10.99 Gothic arch window feeder Get up close and personal with the birds in your garden with our window feeder. The pretty ‘cloister’ design allows a great view of the birds but also looks lovely when they aren’t visiting. ✔ Wide feeding platform (24cm) to allow more birds to feed at once. ✔ Three compartments to keep food separate if required. ✔ Four strong suction cups for strength and stability. ✔ Easily removable tray for cleaning and refilling. ✔ Drainage holes in the tray and deep roof to keep food dry. ✔ Save £2 when you buy with 1kg Buggy nibbles. R421138 Feeder £18.99 R421153 With Buggy nibbles £22.48 - SAVE £2 Save £4