RSPB April 2022

Delivery is free when you spend £50 18 NYJER SEED This tiny, oil-rich, energy- giving black seed is highly nutritious. Because nyjer seed is very fine, you will need a feeder with smaller openings than a regular seed feeder. See our Ultimate easy-clean range on page 19. Loved by goldfinches and siskins R405632 900g bag £3.50 R405634 5.5kg sack £18.50 R0041 12.75kg sack £32.00 R0042 2 x 12.75kg £61.00 - SAVE £3 Nyjer seed “I knew that the goldfinches loved our nyjer but nowwe have lots of siskins and a number of lesser redpolls too. An amazing magnet for finches.” Sandra - website reviewer HHHHH R402694 £4.99 Goldfinch mini feeder This ready-to-use mini feeder comes pre-filled with 80g of nyjer seed. Keeps the food dry R421190 Rain Away guard £6.99 R408658 Ultimate seed tray £7.99 Feeder accessories Add a seed tray to your feeder to catch dropped seeds and provide more perching space. Slide the Rain Away guard over your feeder to offer shelter to the birds and help keep the food dry. ✔ Use with: Ultimate easy-clean seed and nyjer feeders. Classic easy-clean seed feeders. ✔ Tray measures 22cm diameter, Rain Away guard measures 18.5cm diameter. A A B B