RSPB April 2022

Delivery is free when you spend £50 16 Feeders Ceramic flower feeders Add a splash of colour to your garden and provide much-needed food and water to birds and other wildlife with these glazed, ceramic flowers. The flower head sits atop a slim spiked metal pole which can be height- adjusted to allow for different wildlife to use them, and to provide more interest if you have more than one in your garden. Sunflower and Poppy are both suitable for feeding mealworms, seeds or suet nibbles as they have drainage holes in the bottom to help keep food dry. African daisy is suitable as a drinker, providing much needed water for birds. ✔ Maximum height 72cm. ✔ Flower diameter 16cm. R421250 Wild poppy feeder £13.99 R421251 Sunflower feeder £13.99 R421252 African daisy drinker £13.99 R421255 Buy all three £38.97 - SAVE £3 Ceramic bird feeders Frost resistant bird feeders to add a splash of colour to your garden. Fill with seeds, suet nibbles or mealworms. R421110 Blue tit £12.99 R421111 Robin £12.99 Buy 2 save £3 Apple Egg Terracotta bird feeders Frost resistant feeders, ideal for feeding mealworms, suet nibbles or seed. ✔ Measure 11-12cm in diameter. ✔ Save when you buy with Buggy nibbles. R402247 Apple £15.00 R402438 With 1kg Buggy nibbles £19.49 - SAVE £1 R421127 Egg £15.00 R421131 With 1kg Buggy nibbles £19.49 - SAVE £1 UK MADE A A B B C C