RSPB April 2022

15 Shop online at or call 0345 034 7733 Large feeder (H) 68.3cm Small feeder (H) 30.3cm Medium feeder (H) 48cm Ultimate easy-clean seed feeders ✔ Durable metal top and base. ✔ Easy to clean. ✔ Squirrels’ claws won’t be able to shred these metal feeders. ✔ Choice of three sizes. ✔ Improved perch shape which gives birds more grip R421218 Small 500ml £19.99 R421236 With sunflower hearts £24.99 - SAVE £2 R421230 With guardian £38.98 - SAVE £2 R421219 Medium 1 litre £24.99 R421237 With sunflower hearts £29.99 - SAVE £2 R421231 With guardian £46.98 - SAVE £4 R421220 Large 1.5 litre £28.99 R421238 With sunflower hearts £33.99 - SAVE £2 SAVE £2 when you buy with 1.8kg Premium sunflower hearts HOW DOES IT WORK? Keeping your feeders clean is as important as keeping them topped up with food. We’ve made our Classic and Ultimate easy-clean seed feeders just that, easy to clean. Pop the perches out of their slots in the sides of the central tube, then twist the base to remove it. There are no fiddly screws or little pieces to get lost. Simple. “We are very pleased with this feeder. The birds love it and it’s easy to take apart and reassemble.” Rachel - website reviewer HHHHH