RSPB April 2022

We use only the finest quality ingredients 14 RSPB EASY-CLEAN SEED FEEDERS Help us protect your garden birds by keeping your feeders clean. We have designed our feeders to be as easy to clean as possible. It’s best to dismantle feeders for a thorough clean once a week, disposing of old food and scrubbing with a suitable disinfectant, such as Ark-Klens (see page 32), or a mild (5%) bleach solution. Always clean feeders outside while wearing waterproof gloves. Classic easy-clean seed feeders ✔ Easy to clean. ✔ Small has two perches, Medium has four. ✔ Tough, durable polycarbonate tubing. ✔ Great value. ✘ Not suitable for gardens with squirrels. R421021 Small 500ml £8.99 R421099 With sunflower hearts £13.99 - SAVE £2 R421022 Medium 1 litre £10.99 R421100 With sunflower hearts £15.99 - SAVE £2 Medium feeder (H) 49cm Perch shape allows birds to grip more easily Small feeder (H) 31.3cm SAVE £2 when you buy with 1.8kg Premium sunflower hearts Long handle feeder cleaning brush Suitable even for our tallest feeders, this synthetic bristle brush is perfect for scrubbing away old food and dirt. R402041 £6.00 NOW ONLY £3 when you buy with any feeder