RSPB April 2022

The ‘extra’ is protein-rich Premium sunflower hearts Feeder mix extra Feeder mix R405626 750g bag £2.99 R405628 1.5kg bag £5.25 R405630 3.25kg bag £10.50 R0856 5.5kg sack £15.00 R0015 12.75kg sack £24.00 R0016 2 x 12.75kg £45.00 - SAVE £3 R401760 5.5kg sack £17.00 R401758 12.75kg sack £29.00 R401763 2 x 12.75kg £55.00 – SAVE £3 “The last two days when the feeder was a bit low and waiting for me to refill I had sparrows shoving each other aside to get to the feeding holes. The small birds have been eating it like there’s no tomorrow” Margaret - website reviewer HHHHH ✔ Feeder mix is a nutritious mix of oil-rich black and striped sunflower seeds, husk-free oats and canary seed. ✔ To supercharge the birds’ energy levels, Feeder mix extra also contains generous quantities of premium sunflower hearts. FEEDER MIXES Designed to be used all year round, our Feeder mixes are ideal for species such as blue tits, great tits and finches. Delivery is free when you spend £50 12 Like many other industries, we are currently seeing unprecedented disruption to supply chains across Europe. Please be assured we are doing all we can to keep everything in stock, but there may be times over the coming months when we see shortages on some of our bird seed.