RSPB April 2022

No-mess sunflower mix ✔ Specially designed to leave no mess behind as the husks have been removed. ✔ Mix of sunflower hearts, maize, oats and canary seed. ✔ Use all year round from seed feeders or bird tables. Best seller 11 Shop online at or call 0345 034 7733 Premium sunflower hearts As the name suggests, this is the heart of the seed with the husk already removed. We’ve done the hard work so birds don’t waste their energy opening the sunflower seed to get to the nutritious heart inside. ✔ Packed full of protein and oil. ✔ There’s no mess for you. ✔ Feed from seed feeders, tables and the ground, all year round. R405605 900g bag £3.75 R405607 1.8kg bag £7.00 R405609 4kg bag £15.25 R0858 5.5kg sack £20.50 R0027 12.75kg sack £36.00 R0028 2 x 12.75kg £69.00 - SAVE £3 “If we had to be limited to just one food for our birds this would be it. We cannot recommend this food highly enough - a complete essential!” Kate - website reviewer HHHHH Best seller OUR BEST-SELLING PREMIUM SUNFLOWER HEARTS R405620 900g bag £3.75 R405622 1.8kg bag £7.00 R405624 4kg bag £15.00 R0852 5.5kg sack £20.00 R0021 12.75kg sack £35.00 R0022 2 x 12.75kg £67.00 - SAVE £3 Ben Andrew ( m) Save when you buy with an Ultimate or Classic seed feeder - see pages 15 and 17