RSPB April 2022

We use only the finest quality ingredients 10 Packed with energy, sunflower seeds are loved by most garden birds all year round. The nutritious inner contents are rich in protein and oil.We choose only the best quality sunflower seeds, making sure they’re grown as close to home as possible. SUNFLOWER SEEDS Favourites blend We’ve taken three of our best-selling, most popular ingredients, and blended them together into an irresistible, high quality treat. ✔ Contains Premium sunflower hearts, High energy sprinkles and Dried mealworms. ✔ This mix is packed with protein, oils and fats. ✔ Feed all year round. Sprinkle on a table or onto the ground. ✔ Suitable for all garden birds. ✘ Not suitable for gardens with dogs. R407101 900g bag £4.25 R407104 1.8kg bag £8.00 R407109 4kg bag £17.00 R407112 5.5kg sack £22.50 R407113 12.75kg sack £38.00 R407208 2 x 12.75kg £72.00 - SAVE £4 Favourites blend extra Our Favourites blend has become the ‘go-to’ food for our customers and has proved incredibly popular with your birds. This mix contains the same three best- selling ingredients, but we’ve more than doubled the proportion of Dried mealworms and added more High energy sprinkles to the blend. ✔ Top quality Premium sunflower hearts, Dried mealworms and High energy sprinkles. ✔ Now with even more protein from mealworms. ✔ Suitable for all garden birds. ✘ Not suitable for gardens with dogs. R420101 5.5kg sack £25.00 R420103 12.75kg sack £42.00 R420105 2 x 12.75kg £80.00 - SAVE £4 RSPB Bird food Three of our bestsellers in one delicious treat Double mealworms Like many other industries, we are currently seeing unprecedented disruption to supply chains across Europe. Please be assured we are doing all we can to keep everything in stock, but there may be times over the coming months when we see shortages on some of our bird seed.