RSPB July 2019

87 0345 034 7733 RSPB HD binoculars Our HD range features very high quality components; including Bak4 high-reflector, phase-coated prisms and double ED objective lens glass. These features give a great quality image, even in low light. They also provide an excellent 2m close focus. The magnesium alloy body is light, strong and clad in easy-to-hold textured TPU body armour. The whole range is fully waterproof and nitrogen-filled to prevent fogging. Supplied with a padded case, RSPB cleaning cloth and an HD pin badge. Ten year warranty. R407823 RSPB HD 6.5 x 32 £479.00 Height 13.2 x width 13.2cm, weight 595g. R407824 RSPB HD 8 x 32 £499.00 Height 13.5 x width 12.5cm, weight 595g. R407825 RSPB HD 8 x 42 £519.00 Height 16 x width 13cm, weight 720g. R407826 RSPB HD 10 x 42 £539.00 Height 15.5 x width 13cm, weight 699g. RSPB HDX binoculars HDXs are high-quality, compact, ultra-lightweight prism binoculars with a wide field of view. They’re ergonomically designed to be balanced when held in one hand. They have fantastic levels of clarity and contrast in a variety of conditions. Features include fully water/fog proof construction - tested to a depth of one metre, internal focusing with a close focus of under two metres and three eyecup positions for spectacle wearers. Ten year guarantee. R404705 RSPB HDX 8 x 42 £685.00 Height 14 x width 12.5cm, weight 680g. R404706 RSPB HDX 10 x 42 £749.00 Height 14 x width 12.5cm, weight 680g. High quality, with a wide field of view Our best ever binoculars RSPB HD compact binoculars These waterproof compacts feature high quality ED glass, resulting in amazing image clarity. We’ve changed the mechanism to a single hinge which makes them much easier to open up fully. They are small and lightweight which makes them ideal for travelling. Ten year warranty. R422003 RSPB HD compact 8 x 25 £255.00 Height 10.7 x width 11.5cm, weight 300g. R422004 RSPB HD compact 10 x 25 £265.00 Height 11.1 x width 11.7cm, weight 300g. 9cm Less than half the weight of our HD and HDX binoculars - great for travelling 10 year warranty! RSPB binoculars 10 year warranty! Get the RSPB Optics cleaning kit (R422006 ) for £11.99 when you buy any RSPB binoculars.