RSPB July 2019

83 0345 034 7733 Discover the world of bats! UK MADE Seed attractor pack and guide RSPB Burford bat box These protected mammals have lost many roosts in recent years. This is a solid timber, quality nesting box for bats. It is made fro m solid, durable FSC ® certified timber which provi des great insulation. Features two different-sized chambers to encourage a variety of speci es to use the box. Measures 44 x 21 x 15cm . R405121 Bat box £29.99 R405160 Bat box plus attracting seeds and guide £33.74 - SAVE £1 UK MADE Seed attractor pack and guide Different sized chambers attract more species RSPB Single chamber bat box This thoughtfully constructed FSC ® certified timber box may help a variety of bats to hang out in your garden. It’s rough-sawn to give them grip and left untreated to protect the bats. 17 x 38 x 14cm. R408786 Bat box £19.99 R408793 Bat box plus attracting seeds and guide £23.74 - SAVE £1 Giving nature a home Magenta Bat 5 bat detector The Magenta 5 has a large frequency range (10-130kHz) and an LCD 4 digit frequency display with backlighting for easier use at night. It has a built-in LED torch, headphone socket and wrist strap. Use 4 x AAA batteries, not supplied. Two year guarantee. R404990 £94.99 Magenta Bat 4 bat detector Converts bats’ inaudible ultra-sonic sounds to frequencies in the range of human hearing. Headphone socket and built-in bright white LED torch. Two year manufacturer’s guarantee. Low power design gives long battery life. Needs 4 x AAA batteries, not supplied. Full instructions included. R1127 £64.99 Backlit digital display RSPB gift cards You choose the card and value, they choose how to spend it. Bird food, gifts, homes for wildlife, binoculars - whatever takes their fancy! Choose from Squirrel or Blue tit designs. R406145 Squirrel £10 R406146 Squirrel £20 R406147 Squirrel £30 R406148 Squirrel £40 R406149 Squirrel £50 R406150 Squirrel £100 Let them choose their gift! R406151 Blue tit £10 R406152 Blue tit £20 R406153 Blue tit £30 R406154 Blue tit £40 R406155 Blue tit £50 R406156 Blue tit £100