RSPB July 2019

Dewdrop butterfly house Provide a safe haven for butterflies, moths and other insects with this hanging habitat. Made with FSC ® certified timber and a woven bamboo finish, it will make an attractive feature in your garden, as well as giving nature a home. Measures 21.5 x 13 x 12cm. Add a pack of wildlife seeds to attract butterflies and save £1. R409330 Butterfly house £17.99 R421052 Butterfly house plus attracting seeds and guide £21.74 - SAVE £1 82 Dewdrop bee biome Solitary bees are really efficient pollinators, much more so than honeybees or bumblebees. They don’t live in colonies so they need safe, cosy cavities to make their nests. Our bee biome is the perfect habitat for solitary bees. The tightly-packed tubes may be used as shelter during rain, or a female might lay her eggs inside. The unusual, dewdrop shape of this habitat makes an attractive feature in your garden. R409290 Bee biome £17.99 R421051 Bee biome plus attracting seeds and guide £21.74 - SAVE £1 Frogilo Ideal for frogs, toads and even newts, this habitat is hand-made in frost-resistant ceramic with a green decorative glazed roof. Place the Frogilo near a pond or damp area in a quiet, cool, shaded position. The base of the Frogilo is cut away in part to provide contact with the cool soil for summer conditions. In winter the insulating ceramic shelf will be used instead, as over-wintering quarters for toads and frogs. Measures 20 x 20 x 20cm. R405884 £24.99 Did you know? Insects like ladybirds, lacewings and solitary bees are the gardener’s friend. Attracting and keeping these insects helps plants pollinate, and keeps the number of aphids down. Giving nature a home Help protect the creatures in your little patch of the world. Our great range of wildlife care products are specifically designed to be safe and comfortable. They’re made as ethically as possible with FSC ® certified timber so you can be sure you’re doing your best for everything that crawls, hops, leaps and flies! RSPB Frog and toad abode Amphibians like to hibernate in cool, dark and damp shelters. Provide a cosy winter site (and a cool refuge in summer) for toads and frogs, with this frost-resistant, ceramic habitat. Measures 19.5cm diameter with an 8cm wide entrance. R421126 £19.99 Delivery is free when you spend £50 New