RSPB July 2019

RSPB Silhouette hedgehog home Our great-looking home is a safe retreat for hedgehogs. With its gently-sloping roof and distinctive hedgehog silhouette design carved on the front, it’s definitely a ‘’des-res’’ for our spiky friends! It’s safe too - the internal entrance is concealed, to help protect them from predators. Although it’s cosy for the long winter, there are ventilation holes to aid air flow. The secure roof can be opened for inspection and cleaning. Made in the UK from FSC ® certified pine. Measures 52.5 cm x 20.5cm (including roof) R407814 Hedgehog home £49.99 R421006 Hedgehog home plus snack bowl plus 900g Brambles Crunchy hedgehog food £54.97 - SAVE £4 UK MADE Brambles Crunchy hedgehog food Nutritious hedgehog food, developed to offer our spiky friends the ideal balance of protein, fat and fibre. It’s particularly good for their teeth and gums. Made from top quality ingredients including chicken meal, maize, rice and linseed. R421000 900g bag £4.99 R421001 2kg bag £8.49 R405119 Hedgehog snack bowl £3.99 R421002 Buy 900g and snack bowl £7.98 - SAVE £1 UK MADE Did you know? Hedgehogs are a great help to gardeners, munching their way through those pesky slugs and snails. Sadly it’s estimated that a third of the hedgehog population has been lost in the last ten years. A great way to help is to provide a safe home for them in your garden. Replace fences with hedges and set up a permanent hedgehog home in a sheltered spot, away from areas you mow or strim. You can also put food out, which is especially helpful when they are preparing to hibernate (October- December) or emerging from hibernation (February-April). Hogilo Sturdy, lightweight, waterproof shelter which allows hedgehogs to dig deeper if they wish. Position somewhere quiet and cover with leaves and brushwood to create a cosy den. 24cm high and 52cm diameter. R405896 £29.99 R421005 Hogilo plus snack bowl plus 900g Brambles Crunchy hedgehog food £35.97 - SAVE £3 Waterproof shelter Special offer SAVE £3 Hedgehog crossing Hedgehogs can thrive in urban areas if they are able to move freely between neighbouring gardens. Made from recycled plastic, this panel can be used to strengthen a hole in your garden fence or gate. Measures 31.5 x 28.5cm. R421078 £12.99 Give hedgehogs a hand! 81 0345 034 7733 Hedgehogs Special offer SAVE £4