RSPB July 2019

House martin and swallow nests High-fired terracotta nest cups made to the precise dimensions of nests built by house martins (with entry hole) and swallows. Securely fixed to sturdy FSC ® certified timber backboards for easy installation and end-of-season cleaning. The house martin nest has a roof, which means it can easily be installed in a variety of locations. R408694 House martin nest £16.99 R408695 Swallow nest £15.99 House martin nest S wallow nest Save £2 RSPB Swift nest box Swifts are notoriously picky when it comes to choosing their nest site. This design conforms to all the dimensions required by swifts. It’s easy to fit directly beneath even the narrowest of eaves, and its sloping roof improves durability and makes it hard for predators to gain purchase. Its entry hole measures 28 x 65mm and is designed to keep starlings out, while its internal nest cup will encourage any swift inspecting the box to take up residence. Hand crafted by UK joiners, this swift nest box is made from FSC © certified softwood. Overall measurements are 44cm wide, 21.7cm tall (at the back), 12cm tall (at the front) and 20.2cm deep at the deepest point. R421069 £39.99 UK MADE Save £2 79 0345 034 7733 Robin brushwood nest Robins love to nest in an open nest box, but in deep cover, so this well-designed brushwood nest is ideal. Push it into a hedge and secure it with the wire fixing on the back. Also suitable for wagtails and spotted flycatchers. Measures 25 x 14 x 12.5cm. R421077 Robin brushwood nester £9.99 R421086 Nester x 2 £17.98 – SAVE £2 RSPB Robin and wren diamond nest box Bestselling, diamond- shaped, open-fronted nest box, attractive to robins, wrens and pied wagtails. Beautifully made from FSC ® certified timber; roof treated with safe, non-toxic, water-based preservative. UK made. 25 x 23 x 17cm. R401640 £13.99 UK MADE Best seller New Save £2 Nest boxes