RSPB July 2019

Classic apex A Apex starling B Open-front C E D Silhouette classic apex Silhouette open-front Best seller Bigger dimensions for starlings RSPB Apex nest box We offer this beautifully made FSC ® certfied timber nest box in five styles. • Our Classic apex and Silhouette classic apex (with 32mm entry hole) are suitable for a wide range of garden birds. To exclude larger species, reduce entrance to 25mm with nest box plate (R0110). • The Open-front and Silhouette open-front are designed for robins, wrens and pied wagtails. • Classic and Open-front styles measure 28 x 23 x 17cm. • The Starling style (with 45mm entry hole) is larger that the others and is designed specifically for starlings. This nest box measures 31.5 x 25 x 20cm. • All boxes have drainage holes and the Classic and Starling styles have a side that pivots open for easy end- of-season cleaning. • Made in the UK. R0107 Classic apex £15.99 R405836 Apex starling £23.99 R1073 Open-front £15.99 R407811 Silhouette classic apex £18.99 R407810 Silhouette open-front £18.99 E D C B A UK MADE Save £2 Buy 2 save £2 77 0345 034 7733