RSPB July 2019

66 Best seller Feeding dining station This feeder dining station comes with four feeder hanging hooks, a water bowl and treat tray. The strong steel poles screw together easily, and the twin fork stabilising base means this is a sturdy feeding station. Feeders not included. R421114 £24.99 RSPB Feeding stations UK MADE Normal price £96.96 - SAVE £14 R421035 Signpost feeding station special offer £82.96 RSPB Signpost feeding station Designed to complement our standing bird tables, this feeding station’s just as sturdy and stylish! Comes with four hooks for feeders. Made in the UK from FSC ® certified timber. The arms of the feeding station are 132cm off the ground and the base measures 75.8cm across. R408699 £54.99 Special offer SAVE £14 Signpost feeding station special offer Buy the feeding station (R408699) with a small Classic easy-clean seed feeder, small Classic easy-clean nut and nibble feeder, 900g Premium sunflower hearts, 1kg Buggy nibbles and 10 Buggy coconut shell treats and save £14. Bird table squirrel baffle Help to deter squirrels from climbing up the stem of your RSPB bird table with this baffle, which will tilt if a squirrel manages to get onto it. The baffle opens up so you can easily wrap it round the stem of your existing bird table. Designed to fit our bird tables on pages 70-72 or our Signpost feeding station above. Table not included. Baffle diameter is 52cm. R407076 £22.99 Delivery is free when you spend £50 UK MADE