RSPB July 2019

65 0345 034 7733 Brilliant value feeder I Love Robins feeder This neat little feeder has a domed roof to help protect birds whilst they eat, and keeps food dry in wet weather. The dome slides up and down so you can deter larger birds if you wish. Dome measures 15.5cm diameter. R407696 I Love Robins feeder £9.99 R407697 Feeder plus 1kg Buggy nibbles £14.48 - SAVE £1 My Favourites feeder This hanging, seed feeder is designed for smaller birds such as blue tits, goldfinches and great tits that cling when feeding, so larger birds will be deterred from holding on. Made from durable plastic that won’t crack or discolour in the sun, it is easy to dismantle, clean and fill again. Measures 20cm tall and the roof is 18cm in diameter. R408701 My Favourites feeder £12.99 R408705 Feeder plus 1kg Buggy nibbles £16.48 - SAVE £2 Window feeder Here’s a wonderful way to watch birds up close. The tough, non-yellowing polycarbonate box attaches to your window with three strong suction cups and detaches easily (without removing the suckers) for cleaning and refilling. Suitable for year-round feeding. R0365 Window feeder £10.99 Attach to your window for a closer look! Best Seller Feeders Window feeder starter pack We decided to take our ever-popular Window feeder and some of our best-selling food and turn them into the perfect present for people without gardens, or for those who love seeing birds up close! Contains: Window feeder, 1kg Buggy nibbles, 100g Dried mealworms and 900g Premium sunflower hearts. R420074 £20.22 Special offer SAVE £4 Special offer SAVE £4