RSPB July 2019

Squirrels Sadly no feeder is entirely squirrel-proof, as they are clever and determined creatures. But you can make things more difficult for them. Squirrel buster feeders are a great option as their feeding ports close under the extra weight of a squirrel. Alternatively you could try a plastic or metal baffle which you attach to your feeder pole to prevent the squirrels climbing up from the ground. 62 Feeders Squirrel Busters Outwit the squirrels! The clever, weight-activated mechanism in these two feeders means the ports close when a squirrel lands, but stay open for birds. Ingenious! The seed feeder comes with a lifetime warranty, and the nut and nibble version comes with a two year warranty. R0846 Squirrel buster plus seed feeder £64.99 R405885 Squirrel buster plus nut and nibble feeder £44.99 Seed feeder Nut and nibble feeder Squirrel Buster mini A brilliantly designed seed feeder. The internal weight-activated mechanism covers the feeding ports whenever a squirrel arrives. Mesh construction suits birds that cling or perch. Capacity 350-450g, depending on seed type. 30cm tall. Two year manufacturer’s warranty. R401636 £20.99 Clever weight mechanism to stop squirrels! Delivery is free when you spend £50