RSPB July 2019

RSPB Classic easy-clean feeders Our Classic easy-clean range of seed and nut and nibble feeders are great value. Following rigorous testing, and building on everything we’ve learnt over the years we believe we’ve created feeders that both the birds and you will love. Classic easy-clean feeders are ideal for gardens without squirrels. The durable polypropylene fittings will withstand the ravages of time, but not squirrels. You’ll need a metal Ultimate seed, nut and nibble or cheater feeder for that (see pages 58-60). RSPB Classic feeders RSPB Classic easy-clean seed feeders Made with tough, durable UV-stabilised polycarbonate tubing. Small has two ports, is 31.3cm tall and holds 500ml, depending on seed type; medium is 49cm tall with four ports and holds 1 litre. R421021 Small feeder £8.99 R421022 Medium feeder £10.99 R421099 Small feeder with 1.8kg sunflower hearts £13.74 - SAVE £2 R421100 Medium feeder with 1.8kg sunflower hearts £15.74 - SAVE £2 Medium feeder (H) 49cm Capacity = 1 litre Perch shape allows birds to grip more easily Small feeder (H) 31.3cm Capacity = 500m l SAVE wh en you buy sma ll Classic feeders w ith food 61 How does it work? Keeping your feeders clean is as important as keeping them topped up with food. We’ve made our Classic easy-clean feeders just that, easy to clean. Pop the perches out of their slots in the sides of the central tube, then twist the base to remove it. There are no fiddly screws or little pieces to get lost. Simple! SAVE £5 RSPB Cleaning kit Keeping bird tables, baths and feeders clean is very important. Clean your feeders with our long-handled brush and warm, soapy water. To remove stubborn mess and debris from a bird table we recommend using our scraper, then a mild disinfectant such as Ark-klens. R409470 Brush, scraper and cleanser £13.23 – SAVE £5 0345 034 7733 Medium feed er (H) 49cm Capacity = 1li tre Small feeder (H) 31.3cm Capacity = 500 ml RSPB Classic easy-clean nut and nibble feeders Constructed with tough stainless steel wire. Small is 31.3cm tall and holds 500ml; medium is 49cm tall, capacity 1 litre. R421024 Small feeder £8.99 R421025 Medium feeder £10.99 R421097 Small feeder with 1kg Buggy nibbles £12.48 - SAVE £2 R421098 Medium feeder with 1kg Buggy nibbles £14.48 - SAVE £2