RSPB July 2019

60 RSPB Ultimate seed tray Provide extra perching space and reduce waste by fitting a seed tray to the base of your feeder. Our seed tray is suitable for use with our Ultimate easy-clean seed, Ultimate easy-clean nyjer and Ultimate Cheater feeders (all sizes). It is made from tough polycarbonate, complete with drainage holes. Suitable for use with our RSPB Feeder pole. Diameter 22cm. Feeder not included. Please note: all our Ultimate guardians come with a seed tray included. R408658 £7.99 Resistant to squirrels and parakeets Large feeder (H) 68cm Capacity = 1.5 litre Medium feeder (H) 48cm Capacity = 1 litre Small feeder (H) 30cm Capacity = 500ml RSPB Ultimate cheater feeder Exclusive to the RSPB, this sturdy feeder is made from stainless steel, with zinc-alloy ends. It is resistant to squirrels as they cannot bite through the metal and find it more difficult to grip. Also, parakeets can’t shred them with their strong beaks as they can with normal mesh feeders. Suitable for nuts and nibbles, not seeds. Measures 48cm tall, with a capacity of 1 litre. R408657 £20.99 RSPB Ultimate feeders Nyjer feeders Normal seed feeders are designed to allow foods such as sunflower hearts or oats to filter through to the birds waiting hungrily on the perches. However, nyjer seed is a bit special - it’s very fine. Each grain can measure only 3mm long, which means with a normal seed feeder, the nyjer seed flows a bit too easily! To minimise waste (and mess) we recommend using our Ultimate ea sy- clean nyjer feeder, which has smaller openings than our other seed feeders. To further reduce waste you can add a seed tray. RSPB Ultimate easy-clean nyjer feeders • Small (two ports) is 30cm tall and has a capacity of 500ml. • Medium (four ports) is 48cm tall and has a capacity of 1 litre. • Large (six ports) is 68cm tall and has a capacity of 1.5 litres. R408649 Small feeder £18.99 R408650 Medium feeder £22.99 R408651 Large feeder £26.99 R408728 Small feeder and guardian £36.98 - SAVE £2 R408729 Medium feeder and guardian £43.98 - SAVE £4 R421094 Small feeder with 5.5kg Nyjer seed £33.98 - SAVE £3 R421095 Medium feeder with 5.5kg Nyjer se ed £37.98 - SAVE £3 R421096 Large feeder with 5.5kg Nyjer seed £41.98 - SAVE £3 Reduce waste at your feeders Delivery is free when you spend £50