RSPB July 2019

Gola rainforest chocolate Forest-friendly, traceable chocolate, made in Cornwall from Gola’s cocoa beans. Choose from 60% milk chocolate or 70%, dairy-free dark chocolate. • Free from palm oil. • Organic. • Bars made in the UK. R432031 Milk 70g £3.49 R432032 Dark 70g £3.49 Eat chocolate, save a rainforest For 30 years we have worked with local partners in Gola, Sierra Leone to help protect 70,000 hectares of tropical rainforest, an area now known as Gola Rainforest National Park. Gola supports many endangered species including pygmy hippos and chimpanzees, as well as more than 300 bird and 600 butterfly species. We have worked with the communities living around the park to sustainably manage the land in ways that support the forest and its people. Traditionally farmers have grown cocoa for export, and other crops such as pineapples and maize for local consumption under the shade of the trees. By planting their crops among the rainforest trees the cocoa benefits from the leaf-shade and nitrogen-rich soil and so can be grown organically. We have been supporting 1,800 farmers to improve the quality and productivity of their cocoa, and to give them access to a fair, transparent market. • With a steady income farmers are less likely to clear new areas of rainforest, making this cocoa both sustainable and profitable. • Bean-to-bar chocolate-makers Chocolarder have transformed the beans into delicious chocolate bars. • Profits from sales of the chocolate are reinvested in the Gola Rainforest Cocoa Project. We’re well known for conservation through the UK, but did you know the RSPB also works on international projects? UK MADE NO PALM OIL Guy Shorrock ( © Katie Sims 6 Delivery is free when you spend £50 RSPB Bird & Wild coffee Naturally-grown under the rainforest canopy, this smooth coffee comes in two varieties. The Medium roast has dark chocolate tones and is ideal as an everyday brew. The Espresso blend has a balanced cocoa and fruity tanginess. Perfect for a morning shot of caffeine! R410103 Medium roast 200g £3.79 R410102 Espresso blend 200g £3.79 Winner of the Blue Patch Global Impact Award 2018