RSPB July 2019

55 0345 034 7733 Coconut shell treats Each easy to hang shell contains a nutritious mix of our Super suet, seeds and cereals, and weighs around 275g. Supplied in boxes, each treat is individually wrapped. Choose from standard, buggy or sunflower hearts varieties. R402053 Box of 10 standard £13.25 R402054 Box of 20 standard £23.49 R403707 Two boxes of 20 standard £44.98 - SAVE £2 R403700 Box of 10 buggy £14.75 R403701 Box of 20 buggy £25.99 R403702 Two boxes of 20 £48.98 - SAVE £3 UK MADE Just hang one up and wait for the birds! R420008 Box of 10 sunflower hearts £14.75 R420009 Box of 20 sunflower hearts £25.99 R420011 Two boxes of 20 £48.98 - SAVE £3 Versatile and tasty Super suet bars We’ve taken our Super suet recipe and made these versatile, great value bars. You can put them into suet feeders, onto bird tables or just put them on your window sill. As they have squared edges they won’t roll off! Each bar weighs 100g. R404385 Six bars £2.99 R404387 Box of 18 bars £8.49 R420077 Two boxes of 18 bars £14.98 - SAVE £2 UK MADE Super suet hanging cakes Our Super suet hanging cakes are packed with energy for the birds but they aren’t sticky for you! Each 500g cake has internal supports and can be hung from a hook or bracket. R404381 Mealworm 500g £3.49 R404382 Box of eight mealworm cakes £23.50 R404379 Berry 500g £3.49 R404380 Box of eight berry cakes £23.50 R409345 Sunflower hearts 500g £3.49 R409346 Box of eight sunflower hearts cakes £23.50 R404662 Buy one of each flavour for £9.25 “ Starlings, blackbirds, robins, blue and great tits in my garden absolutely love these. They were a little hesitant to start with but they were soon demolishing them like there was no tomorrow! ” Lazydayz - website reviewer HHHH UK MADE Clean to use