RSPB July 2019

Packed with protein, mealworms are a fantastic way to help birds through the colder months and the hectic breeding season. Worms can be sprinkled onto tables or onto the ground. Best seller Dried mealworms Many species, especially robins and blackbirds, love these treats, which have all the goodness of live mealworms (beetle larvae), but not the moisture. Sprinkle as they are, or rehydrate by soaking in warm water for a few minutes. The pouches are resealable for freshness. Store in a cool, dry place and use all year round. R402099 100g pouch £3.99 R402101 200g pouch £6.49 R402103 500g pouch £13.99 R406605 2kg bumper box £37.99 Live mealworms Yes, they’re live but, no, they don’t smell! And they’re not really worms either, but beetle larvae. This clean-to- handle, best-selling food makes a delicious high-protein treat, especially for sparrows, robins, tits and blackbirds. Offer a few at a time and store in a cool place. Use all year round, but please note that availability may be restricted and despatch delayed in hot weather. Delivered direct from our supplier to your door in a recyclable paper sack. 500g is approx. 5,800 worms. R0058 500g sack £13.99 Clean to handle Bumper box available 53 0345 034 7733 Mealworms Peck ‘n’ Mix special blend Our delectable blend of dried mealworms (beetle larvae), juicy raisins and suet-based Buggy nibbles. Not only do garden birds love it, but it’s packed full of energy and goodness for them. Use all year round. R401990 350g pouch £3.49 R401992 2.5kg refill bag £14.25 R420078 2.5kg refill bag x 2 £25.50 - SAVE £3 UK MADE Only the very best UK suet Mealworms “ I would swear that the birds were lining up when I opened the box to put the worms out and within 5 minutes, the first batch had gone mainly by the starlings, and then a few brave sparrows to pick up the strays. ” Jinty - website reviewer