RSPB July 2019

RSPB Super suet Best for birds 50 Save nature while you shop We’ve used our extensive knowledge, experience and care to develop the best possible recipe. We use only the finest quality beef fat, blended together with peanuts, millet seed, rapeseed, linseed and wheat flour. Unlike some other suet products on the market, we don’t add any cheap fillers such as calcium carbonate (chalk) to our Super suet recipe. Garden birds need help during the colder months, when natural food sources are in short supply. Look for the logo to know you’re doing the best for your birds. Best for you Super suet cakes, bars and balls are easy to crumble onto bird tables or hang in feeders. The special recipe means it won’t melt in summer or freeze in winter. Our best-selling nibbles are also made of Super suet.