RSPB July 2019

Black sunflower seeds Black sunflower seeds are economical, rich in energy- giving oils and attract lots of garden birds. They’re versatile too: put in seed feeders and on tables all year round. Particularly enjoyed by chaffinches, greenfinches, sparrows and tits. R405602 1.5kg £4.50 R405604 5.5kg £13.50 R0037 12.75kg sack £21.99 R0038 Buy two 12.75kg sacks £40.98 - SAVE £3 SAVE £3 when you buy two sacks 45 0345 034 7733 Favourites blend Since its launch a few years ago, Favourites blend has become the ‘’go-to’’ food for many of our customers and has proved incredibly popular with your birds. “ We literally had this on our table for no more than an hour. We then had to go top up! Even our first robin of the year found us and has been back every night since for some more. ” Becky - website reviewer HHHHH Favourites blend If the birds in your garden could speak, they’d probably demand this for their dinner! We’ve taken three of our best-selling, most popular ingredients, and blended them together into an irresistible, high quality treat. The Premium sunflower hearts, High energy sprinkles and Dried mealworms in this mix mean it is packed with protein. This blend can be fed all year round, from a suitable feeder or sprinkled on a table or onto the ground. Suitable for all garden birds. R407101 900g £3.99 R407104 1.8kg £7.49 R407112 5.5kg £20.99 R407113 12.75kg sack £35.99 R407208 Buy two 12.75kg sacks £67.98 - SAVE £4 SAVE £4 when you buy two sacks Three of our bestsellers in one delicious treat RSPB Bird food