RSPB July 2019

43 Best seller Premium sunflower hearts Put these plump, whole sunflower hearts in seed feeders, on bird tables or on the ground all year round and treat lots of species to food rich in oil and protein, bursting with energy and goodness. Hang up one of our seed feeders, fill it with sunflower hearts and wait for the feast to begin! SAVE £3 when you buy two sacks 0345 034 7733 Premium sunflower hearts Sunflower hearts are the nutritious inner contents of sunflower seeds, but with the husk removed. This means there is no wasteful mess under the feeder and birds can eat them without the effort of breaking a whole seed. R405607 1.8kg £6.75 R0858 5.5kg £19.50 R0027 12.75kg sack £33.99 R0028 Buy two 12.75kg sacks £64.98 - SAVE £3 “ Very high quality and the birds absolutely love them - finches, tits, even Mr Robin chows down on these with great relish....the only problem is keeping up with demand! ” Nikolas - website reviewer HHHHH