RSPB July 2019

41 We love our logo. It represents who we are as an organisation, our history and our position as Europe’s biggest wildlife charity. We have been protecting birds for over 125 years, and in that time we’ve learnt a thing or two about what’s best for them. When you see our logo on our bird food, you know you can trust in our decades of experience. The RSPB logo means:- Use these foods in a seed feeder to attract sparrows, starlings, tits and finches Sprinkle these foods onto a bird table to attract all adult birds Tempt robins, song thrushes and blackbirds amongst others, by scattering these foods on the ground Use these foods in a mesh feeder to stop birds choking on large pieces of nut or nibble Attract finches and siskins using nyjer seed in a special nyjer feeder Key to symbols Contain vine fruits, which can be harmful to dogs if eaten 1 2 3 Everything possible has been done to minimise the impact on wildlife. Most of our seeds and seed mixes are now sourced Fair to Nature, which means the are grown on land which is actively managed to help wildlife. Our seed range contains the finest, quality ingredients, without the cheap fillers you might find in other bird food. We try to keep our prices competitive, but we absolutely won’t compromise on the quality or jeopardise the safety of birds. Our extensive range of seeds and mixes has been tailored to suit all the birds that might possibly visit your garden, and allows you flexibility in how you choose to feed them. As well as being the best possible quality food on the market, when you choose RSPB as your bird food supplier, you can rest assured that you’re also helping nature. Profits from our bird food sales contribute to the RSPB’s conservation projects all over the UK. Not only are you giving the birds in your garden a treat, you’re also helping birds and wildlife everywhere. RSPB Bird food. Only the very finest, quality ingredients. 0345 034 7733