RSPB July 2019

Owl solar light A burnished-copper finish and appealing looks make this metal solar light as attractive during the day as the night. When the solar battery is charged, the LED light radiates through the scroll-design of the owl’s body, casting a beautiful silhouette beneath it. Stands 20cm tall, 26cm long. R410203 £12.99 Pot hangers Hang these cute, resin ornaments from your favourite plant pot, bowl or vase. Rabbit is 9cm long, Frog is 15cm long and Polar bear is 11cm long. R410196 Rabbit £4.99 R410195 Frog £6.99 R433037 Polar bear £5.99 4 Delivery is free when you spend £50 Your garden Wind chimes Pretty, metal wind chimes, with stained glass panels to catch the light. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Choose from Robin or Woodpecker. Drop measures 41cm. R433055 Robin £6.99 R433060 Woodpecker £6.99 Metal bird sculptures Charming little metal sculptures to add interest to your garden. Also suitable for indoor use. Each one stands 14cm tall. R433059 Blue tit £7.99 R433056 Robin £7.99