RSPB July 2019

Robin chocolate crackers These luxury crackers will add the wow factor to your Christmas table. Each one contains an individually-wrapped Cocoa Loco chocolate bird shape (two milk, two dark, two white chocolate), as well as a hat, bird fact and a snap. Made with FSC ® certified paper. 30cm long. Matching gift wrap available. R442262 Box of six crackers £13.00 R442276 Two boxes of crackers - SAVE £2 £24.00 NO PALM OIL 25 0345 034 7733 Christmas table Wind-up character in every cracker! RSPB exclusive Wildlife racing crackers Pit wind-up characters against each other in this fun racing game! Box includes crackers containing two robins, two penguins and two reindeer, and a printed racing track. Jokes and party hats also included. Made with FSC ® certified paper. 33cm long. R442263 Box of six crackers £13.00 R442277 Two boxes of crackers - SAVE £2 £24.00 New New